At MinA, we harness the power of applied arts to create immediate positive change in the lives of migrant women from the Global Majority living in the UK. Our innovative approach aims to enhance wellbeing, foster community healing, and catalyze social transformation through co-creation and collaborative arts methodologies.

Our Approach:

Community Wellbeing

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Through applied arts methods, we provide a safe and inclusive space for migrant women. Creative expression becomes a tool for healing and re-socialization, offering a supportive environment for personal growth and resilience.

Opening Dialogues for Awareness

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We use art as a universal language to open up dialogues with a wider audience. By showcasing the unique stories and perspectives of migrant women, we aim to raise awareness about the challenges they face and advocate for structural changes in society.

Collaboration and Co-Production

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MinA thrives on collaboration. We believe in co-producing knowledge and solutions with our community. Through co-production, we ensure that the voices and experiences of migrant women are at the forefront of our initiatives, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment.

Collaborative Objectives:

Collective Healing

Together, we create a space for collective healing, where shared experiences contribute to a sense of community and support.

Access to Information and Services

We facilitate access to crucial information and services by partnering with organizations supporting women exposed to violations of their human rights.

Visibility for Marginalized Communities

By showcasing the issues faced by marginalized communities, we bring visibility to their struggles, fostering understanding and empathy.

Our Pillars:

At MinA, we believe in the transformative potential of applied arts to not only heal but also ignite a movement for lasting change. Join us in building a future where every woman's story is heard, valued, and empowered through the language of art.