Body, colours and songs

In a celebration of creativity, diversity, and community, "Bodies, Colours, and Songs" brought together participants from all corners of Latin America.

This collaborative project, orchestrated by Gandaia Arts in partnership with Migrants in Action (MinA) and Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS), unfolded as a dynamic series of workshops funded by Arts Council England and supported by Comic Relief.

Participants were invited to harness the power of their bodies and non-conventional painting tools to adorn large white canvases. The creative process unfolded amidst the beats of their favorite Latin American songs, creating a symphony of colors and emotions. The workshops led by Gandaia Arts, served as a unique platform for participants to share their cultural expressions and learn from each other.

The culmination of the project saw the vibrant artwork exhibited as the main decor of the World in the Gardens festival in Norwich. The canvases, alive with the spirit of Latin American stories, became a visual feast for festival-goers. 

Advocacy in Action:

In the festival’s main tent, participants, alongside representatives from Amnesty International and others, took the stage to share insights into the creative process. The discussion revolved around the significance of projects like “Bodies, Colours, and Songs” in fostering the health and wellbeing of marginalised communities in the UK.

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“It was very good to meet with a group of people as I don’t have many friends.”

A participant

“The moment I enjoyed the most was the moment in which we danced, and I felt the music in my soul and I danced so happily. Also when we painted everything was perfect I would like more of these activities please it will help me a lot.”

A participant

“For these 3 hours in the workshop, I forgot about all my issues. I was present.”

A participant

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