Our stories

"Our Stories" dives into the rich tapestry of migration, weaving together the diverse experiences of seven Brazilian women living in London. Each story is a unique chapter, contributing to a collective narrative of strength, resilience, and growth.

In response to the changing landscape shaped by the pandemic and Brexit measures, the fourth film took a unique form. Conducted over Zoom and Whatsapp, it captures the stories of participants who had moved from London, showcasing the adaptability and determination of the women even in times of uncertainty.

Amidst lockdowns, the team managed to record three films in London, adhering to stringent safety requirements. The commitment to storytelling prevailed despite the challenges, bringing these narratives to life through the lens.

Beyond individual journeys, “Our Stories” highlights the importance of community and connection. In a time of physical distancing, these narratives bridge gaps, fostering understanding and empathy.

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Our stories
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