The power of our ancestors

In March 2020, against the backdrop of decolonial aesthetics and guided by the principles of communitarian and intersectional feminism, a transformative immersive performance unfolded.

Titled “The power of our ancestors,” this celebration brought together 50 remarkable women of diverse backgrounds, spanning Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, El Salvador, Peru, Benin, Jamaica, and beyond. Women of all ages, both performers and non-performers, came together to share, through singing, dancing, and autobiographical poetry, their migration stories and celebrate the rich tapestry of womanhood. At the heart of the performance was a profound reverence for ancestors, the women celebrated the resilience and contributions of those who paved the way.

The three hours long performance provided a platform for voices often marginalized to take center stage of the Tate Modern Museum in London. 

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