Together in isolation

In the face of lockdowns and separation, we took a bold step to stay connected, creating a series of monthly online workshops rooted in the transformative ideas of Audrey Lorde on radical self-care as a form of political resistance.

This journey became a collective exploration, weaving threads of personal narratives from childhood to the present, particularly focusing on the experiences of migrant women.

The online workshops served as a lifeline during the isolating times of lockdowns, fostering a sense of connection, solidarity, and shared resilience among migrant women. Through storytelling, drama, and even dance, participants explored the intersectionality of their identities and experiences.

As the world navigates through uncertainties, the legacy of these workshops endures. The poems and videos created during lockdowns stand as living documents, testifying to the power of self-care as resistance and the importance of staying connected even in times of physical distance.

Watch videos produced by participants

My childhood
How to change the conversation on migration?