‘When the lights go off…and the cleaners get in’

Welcome to a project that transcends the screen, dwelving into the lives, dreams, and struggles of Latin American women working in the heart of London's cleaning sector. "When the Lights Go Off...and the Cleaners Get In" is not just a film; it's a transformative exploration born from the heartfelt stories of migrant women.

Our journey began with an intimate series of focus groups, where Latin American women working as cleaners in London shared their stories. These voices became the soul of our project, guiding us towards an authentic script. Then three months of rehearsals unfolded with the fusion of theatre, body percussion, and movement, ensuring that the film captures the essence of lived experiences.

“When the Lights Go Off…” is a call to action. By sharing these narratives, we hope to amplify the tireless work of organizations and trade unions dedicated to supporting and advocating for the rights and well-being of migrant workers.

Above all, this project is a tribute to the incredible journeys of Latin American women. It’s a celebration of their strength, determination, and the richness they bring to the tapestry of London’s diverse workforce.

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Quotes from participants

“I believe the project makes us all broaden our perspectives on immigration, being a woman, a worker and the role we play in society. It’s a way of bringing light and a voice to such invisibilised work.”

A participant

“Being part of this project made me feel more alive.”

A participant

“I’ve learnt that we cannot give in to the constraints of a system and we must take risks and trust in ourselves.”

A participant

“When we first performed live, I felt free, it was a unique experience, I was never in front of so many people telling the reality of my own life. It felt like going up a step in my life, I felt loved and valued.”

A participant

“The project for me was also a way of healing from the many traumatic experiences I have had in this country like accidents at work and being mistreated and humiliated by others in the cleaning sector.”

A participant

“This art project spreads a message of awareness to those who look at our work without knowing how frustrating the things we have to live through to bring money home can be.”

A participant

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