Who’s behind your order?

Who’s behind your order? is part of a body of collaborative research on Brazilian migrant women’s experiences of gender-based violence in London led by Professor Cathy Mcllwaine since 2016.

The wider project within which Who’s behind your order? is situated, aims to tackle gendered violence transnationally through a series of international knowledge exchange, awareness raising and impact activities across Brazilian-British borders. 

The project brought together five Brazilian women working in the delivery sector for a month-long exploration using the powerful medium of photography. Each week, project facilitators posed thought-provoking questions, serving as prompts for participants to respond with both photographs and written reflections. This unique blend of visual and textual narratives aimed to capture the multifaceted essence of their experiences and culminated in a booklet and exhibition at Brixton House, London, in February 2023 and in the Brazilian Consulate in London, September 2023.

The heart of “Who’s Behind Your Order?” lies in its potential to empower through shared narratives. By offering these women a platform to express their experiences creatively, the project contributes to dismantling stereotypes, fostering understanding, and creating a collective voice against gender-based violence.

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